Saving Lives and Protecting Assets

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Saving Lives and Protecting Assets


The Advanced Group of companies has grown from humble beginnings in 2000 to a formidable force in the Risk Management, Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response market. The growth of the group has been founded on the principles of Trust and Quality and the evolution of three pillars for addressing risk.

This approach has enabled The Advanced Group of Companies to become the market leader in the Risk Management, Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response market on the African continent. With companies servicing all three pillar segments, the group is well-positioned to deliver on its promise of Saving Lives and Protecting Assets! When it comes to Risk Management, Mitigation and Emergency Response, we’re the best, safety is our number one priority and meeting our clients’ needs the only seal of approval that counts.

Comprising of several subsidiary companies, the Advanced Group provides a comprehensive range of products and services around these three pillar market segments to the mining, municipal, commercial, hospitality, aeronautical, marine, petrochemical, oil and gas, and industrial sectors across Africa. Each Advanced Group subsidiary company is a market leader in its respective field.